The Loumeau Family

The Loumeau Family

Monday, July 13, 2015

Going to the Ranch

My 97 year old grandfather has property in Southern Oregon that our family affectionately refers to as "The Ranch."  Becoming an adult has made it difficult for me to visit the ranch, so this year, I decided to make it a priority to make a day trip.  It was the first time I had gone in over 10 years.  Savannah stayed back with Grammy and Papa, and my brother, his very pregnant wife (she was a great sport about the whole thing!), and their son joined Amora and me for a day of outdoor fun.

Amora had an absolute blast.  We went creek walking twice, enjoyed a hike looking for a tree that my grandfather carved initials in (unsuccessful), and spent time with family.  I really enjoyed the extra time with my brother and his family and felt very blessed to have that time with them.

Billy showed Amora how to use his slingshot.  She was mildly impressed.

Amora and I took a few pictures with my grandfather.  He loves his home in the mountains.

The above pictures were taken from the deck.  It really is a slice of heaven in the mountains.

My grandfather is always up for pictures.  He's such a good sport!

I'm so glad we took the time to go to the ranch.  Amora enjoyed spending time in a place where I spent much of my summers growing up.  As for Savannah, she had a blast and was spoiled rotten by Papa and Grammy.  

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